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Emily Williams, Welsh Champion, and her coaching videos introduction.

A special thanks goes to Yella from Germany who helped so much with the making of these talks and drills and to all our clients that took part.

Do listen to what our clients say in this video too and how building up a coaching relationship with Surf School Sri Lanka and Surf School Lanzarote will really further your surfing enjoyment.

We really hope that you use these talks and practises to further your surfing knowledge and skill . There is so much that can be done far from the sea that will really make you a better surfing no matter your current skill level. Studying these videos and taking these skills into the water will change your surfing.

Of course there is so much information here that will help you  but the essence of it is to come to our schools and let us coach you personally in acquiring these skills and improving your surfing.

Intermediate to advanced  techniques and practise drills

The ‘Flick Jump’ The essential  pop up
The single fastest and most efficient way to get to the feet . What the body does naturally. Trained at home it will change your surfing

Paddling Technique What we do most of !
Paddling requires constant assessment and improvement throughout your surfing. Aim to constantly improve

Paddle out technique
The core skills for larger boards, letting us pass through white water at all sizes, then turn and catch waves

Beginner techniques and practise drills

Your jump practise set at home and the ‘Flick Jump’ pop up
Do this at home and the results you will see in your surfing will amaze you. Teach your body to jump without thought , just using muscle memory

The ‘Hands Toes Jump’ pop up practise
If we can’t “ Flick Jump “ yet ,this simple pop up will lead you into that technique

‘Pushing Practise’ A balance practise with friends
Learn to surf from your core and let you body understand and learn a balanced , efficient and stylish stance

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