Sri Lankan ISA Instructor Training


With the growth Sri Lankan surfing and surf tourism we can see the need for locals to truly benefit from this growth. Tim Jones the director of Surf School Sri Lanka  is an International Surfing Association Course Presenter and developed an innovative plan to qualify local surfers as ISA Instructors and Beach Life Guards.

The aim is also to construct a vibrant club and coaching system for locals with a Government registered Sri Lankan Surfing Federation. This plan has been given the go ahead by the Sri Lankan Minister for Sport The Honourable Mr Dayasiri Jayasekara.

surf instructor training sri lanka
surf instructor training sri lanka
surf instructor training sri lanka on our beach

The work is being done with the amazing sponsorship of adventure sports app Ride With Local.  New sponsors are due to come on board and the scheme is tied in closely with the excellent Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka.

The example of the Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka has been an inspiration.  They train life guards who then travel abroad and the income they make when sent back home makes a powerful difference to their families.  We are going to make this a reality for Sri Lankan surfing instructors.

group surf instructor training sri lanka
giving back - surf instructor training sri lanka
life saving

Even without travelling just having an ISA Instructor qualification and a life guard qualification will make such a difference to Sri Lankan surf schools and instructors. It’s a long road but we know we will get there.

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