Yoga & Surfing

The first photos of the great Pipeline Master Gerry Lopez with amazing surfer Reno Abellira and the great shaper Dick Brewer practising yoga really caused a stir in the surfing world. If the great Lopez, Mr Pipeline, does it .. it must be good.

So ever since the mid 70’s and the arrival in surfing of new boards and completely new ideas the use of Yoga as a compliment to surfing has been recognised.

top surf at Surf School Sri Lanka
balance and yoga at Surf School Sri Lanka
meditation at Surf School Sri Lanka

Our Yoga teacher Magda Bajer knows just what’s required by surfers after a session of gliding in the hot sun and a body that needs to stretch and relax.

Your practice will take place in our beautiful atmospheric main hall in our centre and each class is intentionally designed to activate your body & mind to support your surf sessions.

An amazing combination we know that works.

You may find that on your days off you want to join our SUP Yoga class at our lovely lagoon and you can find out more about this amazing experience here.

sup yoga at Surf School Sri Lanka
yoga at Surf School Sri Lanka
Surf School Sri Lanka

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