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We are based in the Southern area of Sri Lanka, in the Kabalana area. The area offers surf spot after surf spot and many of these breaks are uncrowded for much of the time, especially in the early mornings.

surf school sri lanka on tripadvisorYou can check on YouTube and see many of the “ name “ waves, like The Rock , Lazy Left and Marissa but that’s not where you will find us coaching.

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consistent surf

We have spent a year checking uncrowded breaks that offer you and your coaches the perfect combination of glassy rideable peaks and bubbling lines of white water that the super warm Indian Ocean gives us.

What we like most, having coached for so many years, is that we know these waves are so learning curve friendly. Sometimes challenging maybe but never threatening and if there was one word to some up these waves it’s that word “ fun “ again.

stoked at Surf School Sri Lanka

One of our quiet locations , rolling waves that allow progression.

From beginner to expert we know just the right spot for you on any given day and if you’re on a “day off “we know just where to send you and when. The consistency of the surf is amazing which of course suits you and our coaching.

South Sri Lanka has a two distinct surf seasons and we concentrate much of our coaching from October till May. This time of year offers those glassy tropical slides you have in your dreams. From June till September there are tons of waves but often wind affected we but know the spots to get the most out of your time with us.

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safe waters

Serendip was an ancient Arabic word for Sri Lanka and serendipity means “ a pleasant surprise “ and that’s just what you will find in the quality of Sri Lanka’s waves.

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