Surf School Sri Lanka

Surf School Sri Lanka offers you an amazing combination of the highest possible levels of surf coaching in some of the most user friendly surf conditions on the planet.

Our approach is to offer the latest sports science surf coaching backed by 35 years of continuous qualified coaching experience, working with total beginners to pro tour surfers. Our personal involvement extends from individual surf fitness prescriptions to free on line mindfulness training with Headspace to designing your next or first surfboard and more.

We offer excellent accommodation options where the surf is on your doorstep and our practise and chill centre is unlike anything worldwide.

surf school sri lanka working with the local community
balance training for surfing at surf school sri lanka
improve your surfing in sri lanka, teaching on the open water

Giving back in our sometimes selfish sport is important to us and in this site we tell you how we have gone about doing that for many years and our new and exciting projects in Sri Lanka.

So with amazing surf, mindfulness training with Headspace, surf related yoga, in depth video analysis, balance board work, tech lectures and good food in the mix the result is always fun.

off the lip - great waves to improve your surfing in sri lanka
surf school sri lanka
meals in our surfing and yoga centre

Fun we know is the core. It’s great to be somewhere magical like Sri Lanka surfing but add to that surfing at your very best no matter your experience level in amazing waves and you have what we are offering you at Surf School Sri Lanka.

With the growth of surf schools and surf camps worldwide Surf School Sri Lanka offers something truly unique.

We are also home to SUP Yoga Sri Lanka and of course you may want to take the opportunity, whether you have yoga experience or not, in taking part in this beautiful experience.

In the words of surfing legend Richard “Dog” Marsh, past Australian Champion and Pipeline Masters finalist and Billabong senior coach…..

‘I feel this is the best coaching system I’ve seen. Tim’s taken it to the next level. Only someone of 35 years plus of coaching experience could be expected to do this’

‘Dog’ is thought of as one of the world’s greatest surfing coaches and looks after some of the best surfers in the amateur and professional circuits worldwide. We thank him for his enthusiasm for what we do.

fantastic surfing in sri lanka
surf school sri lanka
typical waves at surf school sri lanka

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